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Our technical placement services allow you to focus on your business while we identify highly qualified candidates for your challenging, not easy to close vacancies.

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How our Process Works

‘A Great Vision Without Great People, Simply Doesn’t Work’


Time is precious, We wont waste your time


Only candidates who fit position


We want to get to know you first


We determine the job description


Determine the requirements

For us to present the most qualified candidates for your specific need, we begin the process by learning about your business why this position is open, where this person will fit in the organizational structure, along with any other company informati on you think will be helpful to us as we screen candidates.

It is important for us to fully understand what this person will be responsible for on a day to day basis. To establish what a “typical day” will look like, we will review the job description in detail with you. If you don’t already have a job descript ion we will create one based on our discussions.

We review your requirements for the hire, both in terms of technological experience and industry/market experience. Armed with a full understanding of your firm and your open position, we will be able to provide feedback based on our candidates. We have an extensive database of local technical staff.

Our Values

'Hire the Character, Skill can be Trained'







Why Us?

''Identify Key Values of your Employees'

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Placement is Key

We guarantee a private outstanding experience. Once we understand your organisation and the position we will carefully screen a candidate. We will provide you with his/her resume reviewing. The vast majority of our candidates are currently unemployed so generally are available to start immediately.

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